Kerrie & Marc

Updated: May 18

So in love with these two. They trusted, they showed their vulnerability and what you see is just a glimpse of their beautiful and authentic wedding film. It isn't only fun, it touches on a beautiful love story of two souls finding each other and forming a new family.

For me this wedding was an incredible celebration. I witnessed so much kindness, forgiveness, love and embracement of the imperfect perfection. Patchwork families who give absolutely everything for each other. This high form of gratitude made everyone including me tear up during speeches (which I didn't edit into this trailer). The deep shit of the speeches belongs to them and their family. I am just grateful they let me be part of it.

This is inspiring!

Lots of love to Kerry, Marc, Ivy, Archy and the whole of their family.

This is the Trailer:

Here you can see their long edit: