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Romantic Wedding at SANDY COVE, Devon

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Oh how long did I patiently wait for Jasmine and Dan to get married? I got to know these two on a "what-would-have-been-wedding-day-celebration" from one of their best friends.

Two years later it was their turn and I was so excited.

We where so lucky with the weather being beautiful during the ceremony and pouring down after we got the family photos done. The weather at this beautiful location made it ever so dramatic and just for a short window we headed to the beach. Jasmine in my rubbish Peugeot. Everything full of Tulle and dress, I could barely see listening to "riders on the storm". It couldn't be more romantic between us two. Oh not my bride, but anyways Dan did a good job carrying the veil and didn't they look gorgeous with the last sunset light? Everything was perfect until the smoke bomb went wrong (burned on both ends) and burned Jasmines hand. I don't trust a smoke bomb. Makes me think of that Dude on another wedding in 2021... he put the bomb into his mouth so it looked like a massive cigar. lucky this didn't happen to him.

Jasmine took it lightly and used a strawberry margarita to cool the hand down.

In this video are so many precious highlights. One of them is Jasmines Dad seeing Jasmine in her beautiful dress. These moments never get old. You think, you've seen it so many times on Instagram but in moments like these, when you're in them yourself, you realise the passing of time, the change, your change and the beauty of it all.

Yesterday, I read about quantum physics, that matter as we experience it doesn't exist. We are only tiny vibrating particles and what we experience as matter is only "frozen" change (as I understand it)

How fascinating that we have technology to document the frozen change and look at it again?

SO Happy that Dan and Jasmine chose a frozen change documenter. Their film will be treasured forever and I can't wait looking back at it in a year and see what I feel then.


Super Suppliers:

Venue: @hotelsandycove

Photography: @devonrosephotography

Make-up Artist: @isabellegracemakeupartistry

Hair Stylist: @Pinnedtoperfection


Rings: @affinityjewellers


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