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Brigerton meets Metal wedding at Pennard House, Devon

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Finishing a wedding film is bitter sweet. Over the course of getting to know two people in love, I naturally fall in love with them as well. I wonder if every wedding filmer feels the same. So now, by publishing their film, it is my final step to letting go of this romance. I am looking forward to the next one and falling in love all over again. Verity and Tom's wedding has been nothing I expected to be honest. Our first date on Zoom, we talked about their love for metal & rock and going to concerts. So to my surprise the wedding was nothing but metal. Or was it? Well, they managed to unify Bridgerton vibes and metal details. Don't ask me how, but just watch their film. I just love it, love them and of course their family & friends who were incredibly kind and fun to work around.

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