BLESSIE & CHRIS from "Tinder to Forever"

Dear Blessie & Chris,

Oh Oh Oh, Where do I start. Well, originally I was extremely worried not to be able to shoot this wedding myself. Everyone in my house seemed to get Covid and I ditched it. Crazy! It wouldn't have been the world to hire another videographer. In fact, I had Babalu films lined up as a backup. They are pretty awesome and their footage always looks stunning! But with this colourful mix of people and culture I just burned to film it all myself. Very selfish in that sense. I just love diversity and everything that stands out from the same old same wedding.

This leads me to say that this Philipinian x English x Hereford mix was an absolute dream to film. There was a good amount of high energy people that you just can't miss in the film. Their dancing, so cool!

Choreographing a dance with your friends isn't too hard and always fun. Not only on the day but I also imagine on the way leading up to the wedding. The result in video is certainly outstanding to remember.

Blessie and Chris are one kind of a couple and full of surprises. I was shocked they weren't able to see each other for a period of 6 months due to Covid and Blessies responsibilities as a nurse. I have no idea how they did it, but it makes their bond even more so special.

What an honour for me to document Your day and what fun it was to edit the full wedding film. An epic trailer is still to come so stay tuned...

Sending you so much love,


From Tinder to Forever (BTW my second Tinder couple, There is hope for this app!!!)