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Tinder Wedding - Marry your Tinder Date

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Oh Oh Oh, Where do I start. Well, originally I was extremely worried not to be able to shoot this wedding myself. Everyone in my house seemed to get Covid and I ditched it. Crazy! It wouldn't have been the world to hire another videographer. In fact, I had Babalu films lined up as a backup. They are pretty awesome and their footage always looks stunning! But with this colourful mix of people and culture I just burned to film it all myself. Very selfish in that sense. I just love diversity and everything that stands out from the same old same wedding.

This leads me to say that this Philipinian x English x Hereford mix was an absolute dream to film. There was a good amount of high energy people that you just can't miss in the film. Their dancing, so cool!

Choreographing a dance with your friends isn't too hard and always fun. Not only on the day but I also imagine on the way leading up to the wedding. The result in video is certainly outstanding to remember.

Blessie and Chris are one kind of a couple and full of surprises.

Funny anecdote, Blessie organised the Hair and Makeup to give Chris a little facial treatment. Turns out he is allergic to cream.... He came out super blotchy red!!!! I was jokingly trying to say something positive that sounded like: "We can photoshop it out" But it got worse. Luckily the HMUA had anti-allergic wipes. Day saved.... Would you have known that make up artists carry these wipes with them? Well, I hope all of them do.

This little clip wasn't left-over allergy. This was raw emotion and it still makes me want to cry... His reaction to her walking down the aisle. You could see it so often on Insta-reels, but as soon as you experience this for yourself you know. None of that is faked. I love that all the reels we watched, didn't make us numb to our own experience.

I was shocked they weren't able to see each other for a period of 6 months due to Covid and Blessies responsibilities as a nurse. I have no idea how they did it, but it makes their bond even more so special.

How did Blessie and Chris like their Wedding documentary? And how was it to have wedding videographer present?

"Thank you guys for coming and filming, we got on really well..." Thanks Chris. Haha, I am not used to be thanked in speeches. But this was a funny one.

Here is what they said after they received their video, according to google review:

'We were one of those couples who weren't sure about wedding videography at the early stages of our planning but after our meeting with Laura, we were absolutely sold on videography on our wedding day.

It wasn't just about the fact that we will have videos to watch 20 years down the line, or stories to share on our social media, but it was also about the fact that Laura made us feel that she wanted to know us, like we could be friends with her in an instant.

This was so important for us because we wanted to have a very intimate and real representation of our wedding on our photos and videos and Laura definitely delivered!

If you want a cool, fun and fab videographer who will gift you with absolutely beautiful and real videos, Laura is definitely the one for you."

From Tinder to Forever (BTW my second Tinder couple, There is hope for this app!!!)

ALSO, whoever is still searching for the for-ever love... According to review42 "19% of Tinder-users are searching for a serious spouse." So there is a chance. Here are some more interesting Tinder Stats

MASSIVE THANKS To Blessie & Chris, who let me share their Story with you! Sending you lot of love form Germany to UK. xxxx Laurasweddingfilms


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