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Laid-Back wedding with kids at Trevenna Barn, Cornwall

Updated: Jan 12

Zur deutschen Version aka Warum eigentlich noch heiraten, wenn soviel dazwischen kommt?

Laid-Back wedding with kids at Trevenna Barn, Cornwall aka why marry if all the odds are against you.

Jac & Ben had the most turbulent of Wedding postponement - stories that I know of. They are the couple that booked me first, when coming to Cornwall and the last ones to get married. In between, they had two baby girls (not twins) and big life events that shaped their family.

So now they were looking at getting married not 2019 but 2022 !!! That is the longest wait I had in the whole damn Covid - postponement drama.

Do you know of anyone who had to wait longer?

Well Ben wasn't exactly thrilled about it at all.... So many odds agains them. Watch for yourselves what Ben had to say about this. It is heartwarming and hilarious. Also here are some of the odds:

- Covid, Yeih!

- not only one baby two babies.... Not twins... Yeih!

- Band last minute cancellation, they stopped playing after Covid.

- Change of Venue....

Still want to get married?

Here is what Ben had to say about this, in his hilarious speech.

About the suppliers:

Photographer: Mike from PURA VIDA CORNWALL

just a little Behind the scenes with Mike Wakefield from Pura Vida..

It was fun working with him at the wedding.

He works very different to other photographers. Unlike many, he doesn't just stand back and hide, his disguise is being one of you, very much like my approach. Which was great fun to see him work from a third angle.

Venue: Trevenna Barn I loved Trevenna, I mean we weren't exactly lucky with the weather but the bright glassed conservatory let enough light in for a beautiful ambience. For the party, It is quiet small in there, so dancing never feels lonely! Everyone, including all the children who stole Kosheens show, loved it.

As always when there is good music, I had a dance myself and I looked across the room, so did Mike. I thought out the perspective of the couple. It couldn't really be a better sign for a good wedding when even the suppliers start to party.

You are interested what a whole wedding documentary documentary looks like?

It is a fantastic collage of multiple storylines taking you back to the day of the days. It takes weeks to make and lots of love. I attached Ben & Jac's wedding documentary below, if you are interested to check it out...

If you like it, how do you think it was for Jac & Ben to watch for their first time?



Jac & Ben hatten die turbulentesten Hochzeitsverschiebungsgeschichten, die ich kenne. Sie sind das Paar, das mich zuerst gebucht hat, als ich nach Cornwall gezogen bin und die letzten, die heiraten.

Dazwischen hatten sie zwei kleine Mädchen (keine Zwillinge) und große Lebensereignisse, die ihre Familie geprägt haben. Seht selbst, was Ben dazu zu sagen hat. Es ist herzerwärmend und urkomisch. Man kann einfach nicht anders, als sich für sie zu freuen. Endlich konnten sie sich das Ja-Wort geben, auch wenn die Flitterwochen nun mit Sharan statt Cabrio stattfinden...