When Life throws you Lemons

Jac & Ben had the most turbulent of Wedding postponement-stories that I know of. They are the couple that booked me first, when coming to Cornwall and the last ones to get married. In between, they had two baby girls (not twins) and big life events that shaped their family. Watch for yourselves what Ben had to say about this. It is heartwarming and hilarious. You can't help but feel happy for them, now they finally tied the knot. Their strong love for each other shines through the film. I know how cliche this always sounds, but I couldn't make great films without great couples. I really hope these kind of couples keep on finding me, because it makes my work fun and meaningful.

Meaningful, is probably the biggest aspect I try to search in my potential clients. I want them to marry because it means something to them. Ben and Jac, they really wanted to get married and no doubt you can see why in their film. Besides showing their love story for each other it was also important to capture family and friends in their natural way. Whilst for outstanding people, the mingling parts could seem a bit "boring" I am not worried one bit that in years to come, Ben & Jac and their entire family will look back on this and even wanting more of it. That is why I leave so many candids in the weddingfilm. Because they mean something to them.

I wish them all the most adventurous of lives.

Photographer: Mike from PURA VIDA CORNWALL

Venue: Trevenna Barn