Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Right off the heart. Your wedding film deserves epic music.

There is films out there that have the most wonderful footage, but somehow they don't transfer emotion or atmosphere. That is, you guessed it, they saved on picking the right music. There are lots of websites that offer free music under the creative commons law. This is great, if only it was good music. Luckily, there are more choices starting with:

  1. My number one music choice, is recording the wedding band which is performing on your wedding. Nothing else will give you the exact same vibes than having the music that you actually danced to on your music video.

  2. Not everybody goes or can go for hiring a band, but your choices aren't limited at all yet. A fairly new platform arose, which connects musicians with videographers. It is called and it is my personal film revelation. So many beautiful songs of all genres to find here and free for you, because I am a member. Head there to pick your wedding songs.

  3. I am very connected in this day and age. Some people that I know have an incredible music talent and would love to create you a very bespoke wedding soundtrack, something that you haven't heard before, because it was made just for you! Please, go to the contact page to enquire about it.

Many couples ask me if they can choose their own music. Hell yes! Honestly, why would I insist in picking your music? I am a service to you! I can make suggestions and you could give me ideas of what you like, but in the end, it is you, who has to watch it over and over again. During the editing process I will let you know if a song works or not, but finding the right music is a process that you can be as involved in as you want to or not.