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Rustic Wedding at PENGENNA MANOR N + R

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Third time lucky, these two legends finally got married. When we had our first zoom meeting we had no idea they would end up at a totally different venue almost 3 years later. I so glad they stuck with me through a whole lot of postponements. It was wonderful getting to know them and their family. The more I found out about them the more I wanted to know. The film is my perspective of the day. The love, the friendship, special brotherhood & sister bond. I wonder how a wedding film would look like from a different person? For me, I can only imagine it this way and no other. This is how it had to be.

What also needs to be said, that I was very grateful for Nadine & Rob taking their time for several different couple shots. It enabled them to connect during the day and it enhanced the depth of their film by a 1000 times. I can really recommend that to everybody. Even if you don't want the film to just be about you... It is so worth taking that extra little time "alone" during a busy day full of conversations.

To Nadine & Rob: May you live a long and happy life together! Lots of Love.

This is the short version:

Big shout out to Tom Frost. It was delightful to work with him! He is very quick and easy to work with. The light in the dark shot stems from his idea.

Photography : Thomas Frost


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