LINDA & SAMAK a public proposal and an intimate wedding

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Samak thought very long about the way he would propose to Linda. I remember sitting with Samak in a restaurant in Munich. We were having a lunch break together and he told me about all the possible settings. He was so torn about how to pop the question in the most memorable way. If I am right it took him at least another year to be sure to go public. To her surprise, he published an article in a skateboard magazine holding a skateboard with "marry me" written on it and of course the answer had to be "yes".

Samak and Linda said "I do" on the 14.7.2018 in Gronsdorf. Now they won't only share their surname but lots of adventures to come as husband and wife. I was very fortunate to be there to film their wonderful day together with their family and friends. The atmosphere was light and happy. Lisa Mauracher and Fabian Janiczek were just the perfect round up for the outdoor garden party as well as evening entertainment. Tasty Thai dinner alongside the good music made everyone feel the good vibes which made it easy for me to capture so many nice moments. I thought... until I send them the link for their first preview... All I received was a short next. "We need to talk"

I seriously thought I just ruined the wedding memories of my friends' wedding. I was even about to call my mum to help me find encouraging words, so I could deal with the criticism to come. Came out they were totally taking the mick out of me resulting in making me feel like the happiest videographer on this planet. Working for friends.... Thank you Linda & Samak, even if I just hated you for like an eternal 5 minutes... So here is the film for family and friends but also future couples that are still to convince to get a videographer for their wedding.

Needles to say, I was working alongside a very cool and creative photographer,

Erik Gross, who was also an old friend of Samak.

Isn't it amazing how different yet complimentary photo and video goes together? I put some sneaky shots of me in aswell.

Samak & Linda's Wedding ingredients:

Location: Gronsdorf Seminarhaus

Film and editing: Laura Sonntag (Laurasweddingfilms)

Live music: Lisa Maurischer (Vocals) , Fabian Janiczek (Piano)

Other film music: Creative commons License form

Borrtex - Sense of Music

Alex Cohen - Good Old Days