HONEYMOON INSPIRATION - Freediving on the Canary Islands

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

I've recently got back from a wonderful trip to the little known island paradise of El Hierro in the Canaries. I go there with my family yearly to spend time with my dad and my stepmother who decided to create their own little oasis and farm. For all the brides-to-be, recently married couples, anti-brides, romantics, adventurers who want to plan their honeymoon off the beaten track. El HIERRO , look no further! I go there with my family yearly to spend time with my dad and my stepmother who decided to create their own little oasis and farm. Each year I am fascinated about this diverse Island again and I couldn't think of a better Honeymoon escape than El Hierro.

Here is a little clip which I made when I recently went on a little road trip around the Island.

I think the Canaries haven't got a very good reputation, as it is in some places a magnet for stag-and hen-parties and mass tourism has shaped the landscape. It is surprising that the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife couldnt be more different to El Hierro. Only another 35 minute flight or 2,5 hour ship ride seperates from entering another world which really feels upside down. There are zero beach towel selling shops, greasy smelling kiosks or pink beer bellies on overly crowded sandbeaches. Instead you find yourself on an Island of peace and quiet with an astonishing diversity of landscapes and climates. You can take a day trip around the Island and you will think you drove through several different countries. For myself and my partner, it is the best place to leave reality behind and enjoy ourselfs. Isn't this what everyone wants for their honeymoon? In the same time there is so no space for boredom. I tell you why, but before I need to tell you what one of my best friends told me once:

"Couples who play together, stay together". I couldn't agree more. So why not try something new? Start your #marriagegoals with your honeymoon.

You could go rafting, learn to play the guitar, go climbing or share the love for music or books, but you could also go freediving on El Hierro... Luckily you can do that with my dad :))) His name is Karsten and he runs the first Freediving Centre on the Island. He will happily introduce you to the underwater world without all the heavy diving gear attached to your body. It is a little bit of advertisement, but what shall I do? I am one very proud daughter and apart from him being an amazing dad, I know from experience that he is a great teacher when it comes to water sports.

About my dad: He used to work in the snow-, surf- and skate-industry for more than 20 years. Some years ago he decided to leave the beanie wearing business behind and work in a blue suit on El Hierro instead. He is a certified freediving instructor from the apnea diving world federation AIDA now. Karsten promotes sporting serenity instead of “performance pressure”. At Freediving El Hierro, you can learn a lot about ‘’free’’ freediving as a relaxing sport and a relaxed underwater experience by discovering nature.

"I like to stay on the sport’s more wondrous elements. That means having fun together up to a powerful depth of, after all, 40 meters." - Karsten

He knows how to make you feel safe and relaxed in the water. Furthermore he has helped people to get over their traumatas connected with water. One reason might be that he has enjoyed being trained by top international divers himself.

"I was fortunate to be trained by top international divers
and excellent people. I take great pleasure in sharing my experience so you can create an excellent foundation to determine your own path afterwards: a relaxing indulgence in a challenging and fascinating water sport or diving deeper into the competitive sport with true basics."

I guess that him teaching meditation, has given him the skills to help people relax in water even more naturally.

"Freediving is a really meditative thing for me, together with fun and joy. Meditation is nothing serious. The more relaxed you are and the more offline your brain is, the finer the dive in weightlessness. Pure joy and every time fascinating."

In other words: Freediving is something everyone can learn and enjoy. I believe that sharing this exceptional experience together on your honeymoon will create memories and deepen your relationship on a whole new level. I promise! El Hierro is definitely off the beaten track and if you like more tips about it, feel free to ask me questions in the comment section or via email and I will do my best to answer you very quickly.