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Quirky Wedding at Tredudwell Manor

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

If you thought traditional and cool don't go together, this wedding is going to proof you wrong! It is safe to say Emma, Patrick and all their family and friends thoroughly enjoyed this day to the fullest and what is more cool than that? I personally loved that Emma held her own speech and I would like to encourage all the future brides to be empowered by her. If you need some ideas how to write a speech as a bride, check out the whole documentary to get inspired.

5 Tips for an epic wedding I took away from their celebration:

1. Booking a location within a short distance to an amazing scenery is crucial.

For more time with your guests and a maximum of enjoyement, you want to keep traveling at a limit. Short distances to an amazing location like wide views or interesting architectural structures is crucial.

Pro tip: If you aren't overwhelmed already... See the venue from a photographers point of view. Are there some beautiful light beams, interesting shadows at the time of your viewing? You can ask the venue manager: "Where have other photographers shot already"...

2. Brides, Do that Speech!

It is 2022, Let's crush those traditions and give the crowd a little speech. It doesn't need to be super long or include each and everyone. Focus on the fun elements and what you think is important about this day and event. Questions you can ask yourself:

- "How did we feel when we first met and what has changed?"

- "What specific challenges have we overcome serious or silly?"

- "What quirks do I love about him/her/them?"

- "How would I describe our relation with him/her/them to an alien?" - just a silly one...

more advice for good speeches and ideas, coming soon!

3. Have an MC

Wow, Emma and Patrick had this friend who just knew how to put words together. Her in between introductions where witty and hilarious. Perfect transition for the video. If someone pops into your mind who would be perfect for that job... ASK! They might be honoured to take on the role of the MC. Check out their wedding documentary, if you're curious.

Here are some words from Emma and Patrick:

"Laura was absolutely terrific. She really goes the extra mile to make sure she does a great job e.g. taking time to come to the church the day before to scope out the best angles for filming etc.

She was so easygoing to deal with and when we had our wedding date postponed twice she had no problem moving the booking and deposit across (not the case with all our suppliers).

The video she produced is fantastic - a great mix of humour, fun and gooeyness and she also did a shorter version for us to share with friends and family which was equally brilliant.

She's also hilarious with a great sense of fun, which I think comes across in her videos. Thanks again Laura - will definitely use you for my next wedding (just kidding Emma!)."

PS.: To Emma & Patrick, may you always look back at your wedding and remember how much in love you were at this point in life. I believe for this there are no more words needed. It is obvious, that this was a buzzing party. After having to postpone twice, they truly deserved to be celebrated.

Location: Tredudwell Manor

Photography: Sofie Michelle Photography Cornwall

Make-up: Bride's bestie

Hair: Chloe Hairdesign Cornwall


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