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Attention Bridezillas, here comes the Anti-bride!

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

Every bride to-be must read this.

The Anti Swiss-Australian bride to-be decided to blog about "non-traditional weddings with a fashion twist, without all the bullshit" (quoted her Instragram Bio). Read on if you need a refreshing perspective on wedding styles and some attitude not to stress about anything.

The Anti-Bride website features Party Packages as well as flexible wedding packages, Style Inspiration and a Blog.

Laurasweddingfilms: Who is Shelly?

The Anti-Bride: My real name is actually Michèle although most people call me Shelly. I am Swiss and was born in Switzerland however lived in the US, Italy, Australia and Switzerland in my childhood and teens. I have been in Sydney, Australia for over half my life. I am bilingual in German and English but can understand French and Italian. I definitely see myself as a global citizen. I love running, snowboarding, boxing and skateboarding- although I am a pretty hopeless skater and boxer! My two biggest loves are my partner Ben and our beautiful 44kg American Staffy Mack. I am so in love with him it's ridiculous.

Laurasweddingfilms: Who is The Anti-Bride?

The Anti-Bride: The Anti-Bride is a global citizen - a traveller. Someone who is inspired by authenticity and loves fashion. The Anti-Bride really isn't about fitting into any particular mould or label. The Anti-Bride is non-traditional, modern and slightly rebellious.

Laurasweddingfilms: Where does the idea come from?

The Anti-Bride: When Ben proposed to me he proposed with his mothers ring. In the same breath that he gave me something so ridiculously meaningful, he apologised about the fact was not the style of ring I had mentioned that I liked. Ben said that he would buy me another ring when we got home (from Switzerland). It really made me question what was important to me. The shape of the ring was simply not important, for me it was the most beautiful ring in the world because it belonged to his mum (and was also given to me with his sister's blessing.) I think that really planted the seed for The Anti-Bride.

From there though, I did what most brides-to-be do. I started looking online for ideas and inspiration for our own wedding and quickly realised that there really was nothing out there for me. Everything felt either too contrived and "same old same" or then overly alternative. I really craved for something sophisticated, yet rebellious and I feel that is the heart of The Anti-Bride. To be honest I created the Anti-Bride mostly for my own sanity. However, what I learnt across the way is that I am connecting to all these beautiful people across the globe who share the Anti-Bride philosophy.

Laurasweddingfilms: What is your aim?

The Anti-Bride: My aim is to show that being a bride doesn't need to mean fitting a mould or changing who you are. Whilst I understand there may be boundaries due to religious and family reasons, I simply cannot understand why brides (and grooms) feel compelled to follow a certain formula or "look". I guess I want to inspire others to really just do their own thing - however that may look in the sense of a wedding. For that reason I have set up flexible party packages in Sydney and Melbourne (with a plan to extend to other cities within Australia and globally). My aim is really to connect anti-brides with vendors who "get' it and are passionate about working with couples who are looking for something authentic. From a business perspective I also want to turn my side project into something full time. The second that I started The Anti-Bride I realised that it doesn't feel like work to me. I live and breathe it and I truely feel like my future is The Anti-Bride (and I love that!).

Laurasweddingfilms: Your Instagram-Bio says:

"For the non-traditional bride who wants an authentic wedding with a fashion edge...minus all the bullshit" - What is an authentic wedding in your eyes?

The Anti-Bride: I think its just about being yourself and really to be outside the box - if thats who you are. I guess the main message is that it's really not about doing something to fit a mould- whether its to be 'cool', 'alternative', 'boho' or anything else. I have never understood that. I recently approached a bride who had an amazing wedding (which clearly was very much her and her husbands style). She actually made the point of mentioning that she hadn't done it to be in a magazine or reposted on Instagram. And I thought- what?! Are there really couples who choose a particular style for that reason? The Anti-Bride isn't that person. An Anti-Bride (or groom), just does their own thing - and just focuses on whats right for them and their partner. The fashion edge is simply because I love fashion - and I love showing items that are from a variety of designers both bridal or not. I love showing that you can think outside the box and mix streetwear with bridal or designer and chain store pieces. I like to show things that break the rules a little. :)

Laurasweddingfilms: Boho bride and rocker bride. what makes your idea different?

The Anti-Bride: I guess similar to what I mentioned above. I don't think an Anti-Bride fits a mould. Perhaps a similarity lies in the fact that the wedding will most likely be non-traditional and not fit the stereotypical lay out of a wedding. As for the style though - I don't think there is a box an anti-bride (or groom) fits into. I am really looking forward to some of our first anti-bride weddings in Sydney and Melbourne (and hopefully beyond!), because I think we will get an awesome mix of humans who do things unapologetically their own way.

Bridal photos by MATT GODKIN, he is one of the talents in the Anti-Bride Crew.

Find him on Instagram @mattgodkinweddings

Laurasweddingfilms: How far do you personally take the concept?

Photo by Matt Godkin, an Anti-Bride friendly Photographer

The Anti-Bride: I'm definitely staying true to myself and am going to have an Anti-Bride wedding. For our own wedding we are actually eloping (just

us :). We are going to a very unique place

and are just looking forward to being in our own bubble for a few days. I really want to be able to just focus on Ben and our relationship during that time and I am really looking forward to that. We both are! Needless to say I enjoyed choosing our outfits. We are going to keep the ceremony private though - no bridesmaids, groomsmen etc. We will fly home the next morning and have our party that night with family and friends - again nothing traditional at all - but we want it to be a great party.

Laurasweddingfilms: Which aspect of the wedding is pushing the_anti_bride?

(Have you hit your personal boundaries yet? Such as finding flowers or leaving them completely out? Wedding cake?)

The Anti-Bride: We are definitely not having cake :). As for flowers I wont have a traditional bouquet but something similar to the style of flowers I post. No bridal party, no speeches, no aisle. To be completely honest I have to think if we have anything traditional at all! Ben suggested we don't see each other the night before the wedding or when getting ready, but thats really up to him.


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