4 REASONS to have a Circus Artist perform on your wedding - RACHEL MAYES

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

On the last wedding fair (The Fake Wedding) I came across Rachel Mayes, a circus artist. I was instantly hooked on the idea of having a circus themed wedding. This might be a little to festival style for some tastes, but thinking about it longer and talking to Rachel, made me realize that having a Circus Artist on your wedding could be for everyone who wants to add a little bit of uniqueness to their wedding. Haven't gotten the idea yet? Get inspired by this little clip and read on.

1. A Circus artist is unique

There's a lot of variety and it can be a small or a big part of your day (ranges from walkabout hula hoop/ambient aerial to a special act set to music to entertain). Rachel, for example has set acts and set music choices, but she is happy to take on your own themes and colours and personal song choices to make sure it fits in with your day - it can be as bespoke as you want it to be.

2. Fits to any type of occasion or location Don't worry about the space, a circus artist like Rachel Mayes is flexible and can adapt her show and equipment to the location. I personally believe that having a circus artist is something that fits to any occasion, I can imagine them performing on a quirky/hippie wedding or on a super glamorous wedding. They can be main attraction or something that goes along with the event, like beautiful flowers.

3. Everybody likes being entertained Where as some people are fortunate to have just the "cool" kind of friends and family, who make a show of their own, some people just don't and that's normal. With a circus artist, you can easily loosen up the crowd and make them feel special. There is no alcohol needed to be mesmerised by Rachel Mayes.

4.  Whatever your budget

"There is always something that can be brought to the day" - Rachel Mayes.

Photo by Alessio Paratore

Photo by Image Cella

Photo by Larissa Joice