I am a kind, female wedding videographer who has authenticity at my core. During filming your wedding I am taking the role as an active observant. This means I will not be hiding behind trees and pillars. You will see me chat and interact with other people and just blend in as a guest with a camera. I will be adapting to let you enjoy every possible moment and only now and then and when wanted I might engage or encourage people to get a bit freaky in front of the camera. I would love to get involved in your wedding plans and get to know you like a friend before your big day!

"I am so glad we chose Laura to be out wedding videographer. She captured the day perfectly, and the video she has created is incredible. Even our friends and family have commented that the video really reflects our personalities. She is a great person to have around on the day and a really calming influence especially during all the chaos of getting ready. I cant reccomend Laura enough!!" - Laura Bride 2020

"I have never imagined that moving images of this special day could actually make me feel exactly how I felt and saw this day" - Lisa, bride 

"Oh gosh, I know I know I've never met you. Either of you. But this is beautiful. It properly made me cry. Because it represents so much love and positivity during an otherwise crippling year." @breathebesidemeyoga

You know it made me cry of course!! Such a beautiful video and the most amazing keepsake!!" @amelieyogajourney

"We can heartily recommend Laura to everyone. She has exceeded our expectations for a movie about our wedding by far. She was not only a camerawoman but a more than welcome guest on our very special day"

Samak - Groom 

"I don't know how, but it gets better every time I watch it." - bride  @southwestmutha

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