How do we book you?

You can simply book me by writing me an email or call me on my telephone.

How long will it take until we see the film?

Depending on the current workload it can take up to 3 months until you receive the first edit of your wedding film. Normally I try to edit it much faster, as I like to sit down straight after the wedding and go nuts on the computer. So unless I am on holiday or have lots of other weddings it is unlikely to take as long as 3 months.

Can we ask for changes?

Yes! It is very important to me to make you happy with the result of your wedding video. Therefore I give you one chance to change everything that you like.

Can we choose the music?

It is very important to me that the music suits to your unique wedding. Finding the right music can sometimes be the hardest part of creating your wedding film. I like to give my costumers the choice. You can either find royalty free songs yourself ( for example is a website that I use frequently) or you let me make a couple of suggestions to keep the stress away from you. Ideally I like to find the music before the wedding day, so I can go nuts on the edit straight after the wedding. The other option is that you get your own wedding soundtrack created by my dear friend and incredibly multi talented musician Daniel. He covers several genres and he plays beautiful acoustic guitar. Last but not least, I like to use music from local bands. If you have a band performing on your wedding, it is worth asking them if they like to get featured in your wedding video. it saves you a lot of energy and it is beautiful to use the music that you chose for your wedding day.