I hope you are well!

Whilst nearly everything and everyone stands still and hopefully at home, most of my weddings were postponed. This is sad and very disappointing especially for the couples, who were not only looking forward to celebrating their love with their loved ones, but it also put a financial strain on them. Most have worked hard to afford their wedding and so did their relatives. Besides the unbelievable disappointment of having to wait even longer for the big day, we know it will happen in the end and it will feel even more intense than before and I will still be there to capture it. I am not going to throw my career off the hook, but the time right now made me think about what is needed right now. Businesses have to bounce back and I want to focus on helping out with video editing and creating ideas. Get in touch, if you feel you need any kind of help with your video presentation on your website or social media. I can create films of already existing footage and there are several ways how to create films now, too. There is more possible than you might think! I am here for you to help.

And I can't wait to celebrate with you!